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  A chance to become financially independent and experience financial freedom.  A chance to buy whatever you want, to go wherever you want, and to do whatever you want whenever you want. 

All you need to DO is

1. Join as a FREE member. 

2. Upgrade to a Pro member (one-time $7.00).  If you are unable to pay, you can request a PIF (pay it forward). Where someone else pays for your membership. 

3. Refer Pro members. (at least 10) You can request PIF members to build your team. (members that you pay their pro  Membership fee)


1. We enter and pay you and your pro members into 10 programs. 

2. You only have to build your downline one time.  That downline follows you into the 10 programs through 11 panels.  

3. Programs that have monthly membership fee, we will pay for 12 months, to give you time to build your team.

4. . You only have to advertise “My Downline Builder” to build your team in all 10 programs.

5.  If  a program fails, we will replace it. We will then enter and pay our qualified members into the program that we replace it with.

6.  You don’t lose Pro members as their are no monthly fees in “My Downline Builder”.

7. You earn commissions for your downline in each program that you and they are entered into.

8. Each program is geared towards building you a fortune in the shortest amount of time possible.

9. You have a possibility of making $100,000 for each personally sponsored referral when then they make it into Panel 11.  And that’s not counting the commissions from the 10 programs.

10. This is a business that could lead you to  financial freedom.  

Even with all the advantages above the program will only work for you if you work the program. If you do not refer anyone, there will be no one to follow you into the programs and you will earn little or no money.  

To Our Success,

Terri  Watley

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